Pulsed Power

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What is Pulsed Power?

Pulsed Power is the science and technology associated with the storing of energy over a relatively long period of time, followed by its quickly released in a very controllable way, thus increasing the instantaneous power, a technique with the potential for contributing to the welfare of everyone in near people applications. In fact, there is a growing variety of environmental, biomedical, commercial and industrial applications that use positive and/or negative high-voltage repetitive pulses, enhancing the properti­es of a product or a technique. These pulses may last anywhere from hundreds of picoseconds to tens of seconds, being released as a single shot or in a repetitive sequence up to several tens of thousands per second.

What is more extraordinary in Pulsed Power is that it is an enabling technology, meaning it is not an end to itself. As such, the applications of Pulsed Power are driving the need for technological advances in medical, environment, biological, energetic and industrial applications. For example, in the reduction of pollution emissions, in killing bacteria and organic pollutants, in melanoma cancer treatment, in increasing the shelf life of natural juices, in molding metals sheets, and much more.

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