Welcome from the President

Dear All

Our world is a collaborative world where people share. We, at A2P2 want to be a part of that world and promote the sharing of all the discoveries but also, most importantly, the unfulfilled expectations that we find as we explore the new world of Pulsed Power Applications. It is a diversified world.

There are those that work with industrial applications and experiment the plenty advantages and unexpected achievements of Pulsed Power in the industry.

But there are also the experiments with poor outcomes where the expected effect does not appear in any significant way or the frustration of a negative outcome. We want also to share this so that we learn with each other and evolve faster.

There are experiments on rice or beer, wine and tomato, apples or potatoes but also olive oil extraction or orange processing, raw milk and processed meat, roses, cheese and algae, it is a never-ending work where the expectation is to help feed the world and the outcome is difficult to anticipate without experimenting. Those experiments will be here. Some of them in video.

We want to show how to make a cold plasma for surface treatment or ozone production. What are the pitfalls? How to minimize energy spending and the applications in water treatment? Bacterial control? Ecosystem protection?

We will explore the limits of the technology and update you in its continuous development to make Pulsed Power widely used. Used in energy transport, used in magnetic pressing, in non contact interaction forces where fantastic achievements are improving the way we do things. Non invasive therapeutics, non contact magnetic pressing, instantaneous forces are all thing that are explored and we want to show.

Here you will discover what you will not find in the scientific papers or in the technical books and we hope you will share with us some of what you find.

Marcos Teotónio Pereira
A²P² President