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EAPPC2016 Conference with BEAMS and MEGAGAUSS

The 6th Euro-Asian Pulsed Power Conference with the 21st International Conference on High-Power Particle Beams and the 15th International Conference on Megagauss Magnetic Field Generation and related topics was held in Estoril, Lisbon, Portugal from 18 to 22 September 2016 at the Estoril Congress Center.

This joint major International meeting covered a wide range of scientific knowledge and research in the domain of both pulsed power physics and technology, the science of high-power particle beams and techniques for the production and application of megagauss-level magnetic fields. These are some of the most innovative technological fields today with immediate and major practical applications.

The conference provided a forum for the exchange of scientific and technical information between industry, academic institutions and research organizations on the broad range of current and emerging research areas.

In addition to basic research, the conference featured the technology, the applications and the various commercial opportunities of pulsed power technology, high power particle beams and ultra high magnetic fields and not only addressed the present state-of-the-art but also highlighted future trends.

The main subjects discussed included pulsed power technology and applications in the biomedical, environmental and food industry, the newest fusion results from the major research centres, high energy density physics, high power microwaves, high-current accelerators, plasma, ion and electron sources, explosive and non-destructive production of high magnetic fields, high energy liners, physics at ultra high fields and many others, such as a growing number of industrial, environmental and biomedical applications that use Pulsed Power Technology.

During the conference a number of important applications and their corresponding commercial opportunities were discussed such as: the reduction of pollutants from fossil fuels; application of pulsed plasma and electric field techniques for water treatment and food sterilisation, including extraction and cancer treatment; novel pulsed techniques for separating water from oil; magneto-forming techniques including moulding and unconventional welding of metallic sheets, and much more.

It was an honour to welcome all the participants from all the continents to the EAPPC2016 Conference with BEAMS and MEGAGAUSS in Estoril, Portugal.

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