Membership Categories

Professional membership is open to individuals who by experience give evidence of competence in the designated field of Pulse Power. Except for Founding Members, all other member applications require approval from the Board of Directors.

Any individual, professional or company, organism or institution connected, to or specialising in, carrying out activities be it directly or indirectly in the field of pulse power may join the Association as a full member as well as all bodies whose statutes are not incompatible with membership of the association who of their own free will declare their intention to join A2P2 in writing, and subject to the deliberation of the Board of Directors of the Association for the Advancement of Pulse Power. The Association has the following membership categories but may at a later date deliberate on other forms of Association membership subject to approval by the General Assembly:

  • Founding Members – All entities which sign the constitution upon creation of the Association for the Advancement of Pulse Power and those invited by the Steering Committee to sign as founding members;
  • Full Members – Official and Legal Collective Bodies, corporate associations, professionals and academics and other individuals or collective bodies who acquire that statute after the foundation date and who develop, carry out or work in the field of pulse power;
  • Benefactor Members – professionals, Individuals or collective bodies who support and sponsor the Association for the Advancement of Pulse Power;
  • Honorary Members – Personalities, Public Figures or Reputed Bodies or Organisms and Institutes be they, National or International, whose notoriety is recognised and whose core statutes connect with the object of the Association for the Advancement of Pulse Power.

Other Member Categories may be proposed to the Association through submission in writing to the Board of Directors and subject to approval by the General Assembly.

Membership Benefits

Founding Members and Permanent Members have the following benefits:

  • Participate and vote in the General Assembly;
  • Elect and stand for election for the different Bodies or Committees that constitute the Association;
  • Propose in writing to the General Assembly and/or Board of Directors, all ideas or suggestions or other contributions that will contribute to elevating the reputation and prestige of the Association and raise awareness or in any way contribute to the Advancement of Pulse Power;
  • Be included, upon recommendation and approval, in informative and promotional communications;
  • Benefit from promotion and events at both national or international level which may be organised by or with the support of A2P2;
  • Use the logo as a designation in their company or personal email or any other marketing materials or property, in the form of “Association for the Advancement of Pulse Power – Member or Founding Member;
  • Discounted registration and participation fees for events organised or supported by the Association;
  • Receive the Annual Reports and other publications, newsletters or other produced by the Association;
  • Recommend the creation of Committees and Special Interest Groups for analysis by the Board of Directors;
  • Apply for grants or other forms of support for science, papers or others which may later be created or organised within the Association and which will be subject to approval by the Board of Directors.

Member Obligations

All Members have the following obligations:

  • Members must comply with the law, the Statutes, regulations and other norms of the Association for the Advancement of Pulse Power;
  • Maintain the timely payment of relevant fees or dues or any other commitments which are owed to the Association;
  • Duly carry out all responsibilities and with efficiency and dedication any responsibilities or roles for which members are elected;
  • Vote in electoral campaigns or duly approved elections;
  • Maintain confidentiality as to all information gathered or made aware of be it internally or externally as regards any issue pertaining to the Association or any of its members or staff;
  • Compensate the Association for any damage to property or reputation caused be it directly or indirectly.

Expulsion from Membership

A member may be expelled from the Association:

  • If requested by the member;
  • If the member no longer works or is connected to the sector or activity which fundaments membership;
  • If the member does not comply with the regulations or statutes or does not pay dues or membership fees in a timely manner;
  • If the Board of Directors or General Assembly so deliberate.

Expulsion from Membership implies the payment of all dues and fees or other owed to the Association up to and including the date of the expulsion.


The following behaviour of attitudes constitutes a disciplinary infraction of members pertaining to whatever category:

  • Disrespect for the Statutes or decisions of elected members of the Board of Directors, or internal regulations of the Association for the Advancement of Pulsed Power;
  • Any attempts to prejudice or in any way impede the normal operation or functions of the Association or its Board of Directors.